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Does Raspberry Ketone Contain Any Side Effects?

Posted by mg.personaltrainer on March 16, 2013 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (63)

Back in 1965 FDA approved raspberry ketone as a supplement consumers safely could used without getting any side effects using this supplement and so far no major incidents have been recorded and users have been using this supplement with good results.

However a lot of people are wondering how about raspberry ketone and raspberry allergy and if raspberry ketone supplements can cause an allergy reaction.

It is important to stress out that you could get an allergic reaction especially if you are on a high dosage so if you are suffering from raspberry allergy it is recommended that you pay a visit at the doctors office to clear out any complications that could arise while you being on a raspberry ketone diet.

If you are using a raspberry ketone supplement and are experience an allergic reaction it will normally dissapear when you stop taking the supplement and you will not experience any serious side effects because of that other than the usually rash from the allergy.

The allergy caused by raspberries are normally associated to sensitized people because of higher levels of immunoglobin E (IgE) (*1) that stimulates histamine to be released that are wellknown for causing allergic inflammation and mucus.

If you have an allergic reaction because of raspberries or the raspberry ketones you will typically have symptons like itching, running nose and watery eyes and eczema. Extreme cases breathing can be affected as well.

You could continue using raspberry ketone despite having allergies by taking a anti histamine solution but in those cases it is really recommended to talk to your doctor first.

Normally cases where an allergic reaction are caused because of taking raspberry ketone are very rare and in most cases everyone can enjoy the full effects of this wonderful weight loss supplements.

You can learn much more about raspberry ketones and how you can lose weight using this supplement here.


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